Enable Shadow DOM Inspection

Shadow DOM was created to give the ability to pack HTML markup, CSS and JavaScript into a single component. Since this is a emerging web standard, Shadow DOM inspection is not turned on by default by the browsers. In Chrome: Open Developer Tools (cmd+alt+i) > Settings > Show user agent shadow DOM… read more

Web Components

Web Components is an umbrella term which bundles four upcoming technologies used for modern web development. The idea behind them is to allow developers to bundle and reuse code. Web Components consists of these standards: 1. HTML Templates 2. Shadow DOM 3. Custom Elements 4. HTML Imports HTML… read more

Google Knowledge Graph Social Profiles

As of 21.01.2015 Google enables you to show your websites social profiles in Google's search results. Your sites social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will be shown in the so called Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph or knowledge panel is located in the right side of your regular… read more

Styling checkboxes and radio buttons with CSS

Every browser has their own default way of styling form elements. This visual look can change based on the operating system or web browser you are using. This is especially true when it comes to displaying checkboxes and radio buttons. If you ever had to style them probably you already noticed how… read more

Newsletters for front-end developers

If you are feeling overwhelmed about all the web development and web design news showing up daily in your social feed you are not alone. Keeping up with all the latest news it's always a hard task and can be frustrating. One way to stop feeling overwhelmed and still be able to catch up with all the… read more